Postdoctoral Level Research Scholar (Full-Time) – Water Program

Vacancy 03/2019 – Postdoctoral Level Research Scholar in European Scale Hydrological and Water Resources Modeling for the European Climate Prediction (EUCP) system (full-time)

As part of the European Climate Prediction (EUCP) system, the IIASA Water Program (WAT)  is offering a position for a post-doc level research scholar in European scale water resources modeling.

The successful candidate will work on developing the in-house open source hydrological and water resources model, Community Water Model (CWatM), and designing the state-of-the-art sectoral and cross-sectoral indicators to assess future hydro-meteorological risks (e.g., flood, drought, water scarcity).

A key focus is on helping the advancement of climate and non-climatic (i.e., human activities) attributions of hydro-meteorological events and impacts at various spatial scales, using the CWatM. This involves working with other specialists such as economists, ecologists, hydrologists, modelers, stakeholders and social scientists to explore how linkages can be developed. The successful candidate will need to have experience with existing hydrologic global models and a broad knowledge of scenarios modeling and climate change assessments. 

  • Take the lead in software management of CWaTM, e.g. hosting the source code on GitHub, versioning control and building up test suites
  • Maintain and develop the CWaTM website, forum, documentation and a wiki platform, supporting the dialog between users
  • Work on visualization and plotting scripts to display results from CWaTM
  • Develop the Community Water Model (CWatM) at different spatial and temporal resolutions
  • Assist with the development of modules for non-climatic factors (e.g., agriculture, human water use, reservoir regulation) and incorporating policy and management options into CWatM
  • Assist with the development of methods for scaling and incorporating policy and management options into macro-scale hydrologic models
  • Produce and publish (in peer reviewed journals) CWatM modules and hydro-meteorological impact assessments across different sectors.
Skills and Qualifications:
  • PhD in hydroinformatics, hydrology, climate, environmental science, engineering, informatics or a related field 
  • Programming knowledge and proficiency (e.g., mainly Python, but also Fortran, C/C++, GAMS) 
  • Experience with Geographic Information Systems (e.g., ArcGIS, or QGIS)
  • Experience with the concepts of subversioning, git, GitHub, Jupyter Notebook and similar state of the art software development tools
  • Proven analytical skills and ease in manipulating large data sets and complex modeling systems
  • Experience with both river basin scale and continental scale spatial hydrologic models
  • Strong interest and background in integrative systems analysis and development of tools to support policy development
  • Excellent English skills (written and oral)  
  • Proven experience publishing scientific work in refereed international scientific journals
  • Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as part of a multicultural team
  • Some experience with stakeholder engagement.

Full details about the opportunity and appointment terms can be found here.

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Postdoctoral Level Research Scholar (Full-Time) – Water Program

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